Training and further qualification

“Time for learning”

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Apprenticeships in our company:

  • Hotel and catering assistant
  • Restaurant professional
  • Cook

We offer our apprentices a varied everyday training in a wide range of areas and businesses. Through job rotation, we guarantee a diverse and comprehensive training in a young and dynamic team.

Become part of the Silvretta Summits Team.

Further training possibilities & courses
For members of the Silvretta Summits Team we offer further training possibilities and courses in different areas of our company. Our waiters, for instance, have the opportunity to take a sommelier course and, this way, acquire additional qualifications. If desired, our employees can also attend courses at the WIFI, the Wirtschaftsförderinstitut, an Austrian organization for adult education, but this is not a must.
If someone in our team has the desire to continue their education, we as a company will always try to make this possible and support them in doing so.

Educational paths after the Matura

In addition to apprenticeships, we also offer internships and jobs in a wide variety of areas such as in administration, at the reception, in the kitchen, in service or in our agriculture. We are always happy to receive applications, also from career changers who are looking for new challenges.


As you might have already noticed team spirit is our top priority. Only as a team can we reach the top.

To maintain and strengthen our team spirit, we regularly organize events, excursions and team activities. For example, we like to go go-karting together and have a beer afterwards.

Thank you

for your application!